The laboratory offers you a variety of benefits including:

 Selling and direct importing of variety of measuring instruments.

    • We are Make direct sale and import of the following manufacturers:
      1. Girod (B. G. Instruments SA) Switzerland.
      2. Blankenhorn Germany.
      3. S.G.M. Netherlands.
    • Providing of service and repairing for measuring instruments
      for the metal, wood and plastic industry in the following categories:
      1. Length
      2. Angle
      3. Surface
      4. Electronic devices
      5. Optical equipment
      6. Hardness testing for metal and rubber
  • Professional advice at all the measuring categories.
  • Repair and calibration in the costumer site.
  • Test of measuring instruments in proper environment conditions, in a laboratory contains advanced and accurate measuring equipment.
  • Direct and personal contact with the costumer.
  • Commiting of Trade-in transactions.
  • Selling of restored measuring instruments (used) in a good quality condition.
  • Commiting of measuring instruments conversion according to the costumer’s demand.

Parking is available. And accessible access